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The 10 Different Styles of Women’s Panties

The modern lady has many options when it comes to what she wears under her clothes. She puts a lot of effort into look good fully dressed, but what lies underneath often remains a mystery until you convince her to strip.

Meanwhile, some ladies want their lovers to buy them pretty panties and lingerie sets, but that’s more difficult than it seems. After all, how are you supposed to know what’s sexy when you don’t even know what’s available?

Contemporary fashion designers have worked tirelessly over the last few decades to give stylish women more attractive pieces for beneath their outfits.

The old classics haven’t gone anywhere, though. Instead of swapping out old styles for new ones, the intimates industry simple expanded their inventory.

Now, there are at least 10 different styles of women’s panties to choose from. The list begins with what most people call “granny panties,” but don’t worry. It gets sexier as we go.

Different types of panties for women

Don’t head to the lingerie store until you’ve studied these 10 different styles of women’s underwear. Otherwise, you could come home with the wrong piece (and in some cases, even hurt your partner’s feelings). So, here’s what you need to know to avoid disaster:

#1. Control Briefs

These panties are designed specifically to hold in belly fat and lift the butt cheeks. They’re great for outfits that have several layers but these pieces can become uncomfortable after a while. If ill-fitted or made from unbreathable materials, they can also cause chaffing, pinching, bunching, and pulling.

#2. High-Cut Briefs

Hi-cut panties can be cute when they’re worn with the right bottoms, plus they’re slightly less restrictive than control-top briefs so they’re a little more comfortable for longer periods of time. High-top underwear help hold in belly fat and lift the buttocks but can also restrict movement if they’re the wrong size.

#3. Classic Briefs

These are your run-of-the-mill everyday underwear for women, usually favored during “that time of the month” when extra coverage is required. Classic briefs offer the least amount of support and restriction but cover the entire buttocks and end right below the bellybutton if they fit correctly.

#4. Boyshorts

Like tiny little daisy dukes, women’s boyshorts are a flirty option that’s ideal for under pajamas or as part of your favorite lingerie set. They’re extremely comfortable to wear and can even accentuate your backside curves if they hit your cheeks at the right spot. Meanwhile, they can also cause a major wedgie.

#5. Bikini

This option is by far the most popular in modern history. Bikini panties are cut to flatter the wearer’s body shape while also providing the ideal level of coverage and just the tiniest bit of support. In some cases, they can even be worn underneath tight clothes and form-fitting dresses.

#6. Hipster

Hipster panties are a sort of mix between bikinis and boyshorts, with a slightly feminine cut that highlights the wearer’s shape. They don’t fit betwixt the butt cheeks like thongs, but they don’t cover them either. It’s a cute combination that’s quickly gaining popularity among the stylish crowd.

#7. Tanga

This is a relatively new type of women’s panty, so you won’t see it all the time and it’s not the most practical option. Either way, the lines are adorable and the cut is extremely playful. The bad part is that they can cut your butt cheek in half at the worst possible spot, so always get the right size.

#8. Thong

Thongs are great for when you’re wearing tight pants or a form-fitting skirt because they arc over the hips to accentuate the buttocks. As long as they’re not too tight and are made from skin-safe materials, thong panties are perfectly safe and one of the sexiest options for stylish women.

#9. G-String

This option gives you the least amount of coverage, which can be pretty hot if you wear it right. G-string panties also help you look and feel sexy without annoying panty lines under your clothes. So, they’re most ideal for form-fitting outfits and/or as stand-alone pieces in a revealing lingerie ensemble.

#10. Crotchless

Crotchless panties are for novelty only and do not provide any type of support or coverage. They’re merely wearable sex toys, especially when they’re equipped with integrated vibrating bullets or made from edible ingredients. These are by far the kinkiest option on this list, so buyer beware.

How to pick out the perfect panties

With so many different panty styles to choose from, it can be hard to determine which one is right for you. That means there’s some homework involved here, so use these three simple tips to find what you need:

Step 1 – Know your measurements.

Understand that your body changes throughout the month, meaning you could be two or three different sizes within a few weeks. So, check your measurements to be sure about your range. Buy panties in a variety of cuts as well, and experiment with various looks, feels, and fabrics until you find the right one.

Step 2 – Pick the right fabrics.

Did you know that certain fabrics may not be healthy for your delicate genital area? If you have sensitive skin or allergies to certain materials, you won’t be able to branch out as much as other women. So, stick to cotton and cotton-blend fabrics and avoid irritation.

Step 3 – Choose creative accessories.

Whether you’re choosing panties with lace detailing or integrated vibrating motors, pick a pair that’s fun, flirty, and fabulous. You should know how to use them and wash them as well, so check the tag for more details. Never get anything that doesn’t allow you to clean it after each session.

Slip into something more comfortable

Choose panties that either make you feel sexy and supported or that communicate your compassion to a lover. You don’t have to take whatever is on the shelves anymore either.

Today, there are plenty of options and several ways to enjoy your undergarments. So, pick a pair that says “come and get it” when you want to make love and “go away” when you don’t.

A Buyer’s Guide for Women’s Panties

Have you ever seen medieval underwear? Some of the stuff women put on their bodies was beyond questionable, if not downright dangerous.

With little to no knowledge about safety, reproduction, or sexual satisfaction, our female ancestors struggled to find flattering panties because they didn’t even exist yet.

Today, ladies have far more options, fewer risks, and a lot more fun. So, how do you join the party?

First, you have must appreciate how amazing it is that we’ve gone from metal chastity belts and rolled-up burlap sacks to delicate silk thongs and fine satin briefs – each with the most intricate detailing imaginable and cut to flatter the female form.

It’s like the old days never even happened, and most women probably rejoice just thinking about that.

Women’s panties: what are they and why are they fabulous?

Women’s panties are so sensational these days that ladies are no longer the only ones who wear them. Ideal for more than just protecting the vagina or holding up a menstrual pad, pretty underwear can also increase the wearer’s confidence by adding a little sex appeal to her outfit.

Plus, they’re great for costumes and special occasions too.

Meanwhile, your love life will naturally reflect the types of underwear you choose.

For example, if you frequently select pieces built for practicality alone, you probably won’t experience anything kinky in the bedroom without extra effort. But if you wear lingerie all the time, you’ll likely be too uncomfortable to perform feats of friskiness when the time comes.

Thus, it’s all about balance when it comes to what’s underneath your clothes.

The main features

Since no two pairs of panties for women are made the same, it can be tough to pick out the perfect pieces.

On one hand, you want to look and feel great when you slip them on.

On the other hand, you prefer comfort and practicality over sexiness and intrigue. And if you’re looking for the perfect balance, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and/or mislead by unscrupulous marketing.

But regardless of the many differences, these are the top three most common features on them all:

  • Durable stitching – This helps keep all components of the underwear intact even when they’re worn for long periods.
  • Feminine forms – To help accentuate a woman’s curves, panties are usually shaped around various body parts.
  • Skin-safe materials – This prevents chaffing, allergic reactions, and irritation from low-quality fabrics and friction.

By the way, there are specialty or novelty panties for women too. Those are designed for whimsical purposes only, and many of them have enhanced features for sexual pleasure.

In fact, it’s no longer uncommon to find vibrating panties and edible underwear at your local adult entertainment shop. So, add some flair down there if things get too boring in the bedroom.

5 popular styles of panties for women

Before you go shopping, consider this: There are at least 10 different styles of panties for women and each one of them has its own purpose. That means it’s not wise to own just one single type because nobody’s life should be that uneventful.

If yours is, then you need more help than any pair of panties can offer.

In the meantime, mull over the five most popular options to find one that suits your body type and lifestyle the best:

#1. G-Strings and Thongs

Women like to wear these because they’re not only comfortable but they’re also cute. When worn in the correct size, they help hide panty lines for tight fitting outfits.

Plus, the right thong or G-string is great for costumes, special occasions, performances, and as part of a coordinated lingerie set. Often considered the sexiest of the bunch, these styles provide the least amount of coverage and thus not a lot of support.

#2. Boyshorts and Hipsters

Boyshorts are like miniature boxers for women. They cut at the middle of the wearer’s butt cheeks to reveal just the bottom chunk, and many of them are low-cut on the top band.

Hipsters are a lot like that, only they’re always cut low on the waist and may reveal much more of the butt meat. Both can be adorable with the right ensemble and each offers decent support, but they’re not ideal for tight fitted clothes and they don’t always look good with lingerie.

#3. Bikinis

Bikini-cut panties are by far the most popular and practical of them all. Offering comfortable protection and support while also flattering the female form, these underwear look great under most clothes and help accentuate your curves when you get undressed.

They provide the perfect balance and an ideal shape, making them a sexy staple in any woman’s intimates wardrobe.

#4. Classic Briefs

These aren’t usually worn for sex appeal, but they can be attractive if you pair them with the right accessories.

Either way, classic briefs for women provide excellent support for certain body parts while also offering great coverage and countless coordination options. Despite being less than flattering to the average woman’s form, these panties are still a cozy alternative to bikinis, thongs, and/or high-waisted underwear.

#5. Control Tops

Women’s control top panties aren’t anything special unless you count the fact that they offer superior support for belly fat. But unless you get a pair that’s tailored to your body, you run the risk of creating chunks in your silhouette.

They’re not always the cutest option either, although they’ll help hide a few of your flaws. However, some modern underwear designers are starting to make hi-cut panties with a little more flair so try to be patient.

How to find the perfect pair of panties

It’s much easier to select the best pair of women’s underwear when you know what you’re up against and can differentiate between the types.

Still, you may need a few tips to avoid straying from the pack. And since it seems like panties are a dime a dozen these days, choosing the perfect piece can be overwhelming.

So, follow these three steps to stay in line:

Step 1 – Know your measurements.

Find out your thigh, hip, and waist circumference to determine which sizes to buy. Remember, your measurements can change slightly throughout the month. So, try to build an underwear collection that can accommodate those fluctuations.

Step 2 – Choose the right materials.

Pay close attention to the stuff your muff comes in contact with. Poor quality panty materials can cause major issues downstairs, including unsightly rashes, uncomfortable irritation, and unpleasant odors if your skin can’t breathe properly.

Step 3 – Consider the occasion.

Think about when, how, and why you’re going to wear the panties in your shopping cart. Consider how long you’ll have them on, all the ways you can take them off, and where you can reveal the sexiness to your partner.

NOTE: Don’t forget about the thrill of adding removeable vibrating bullets and remote-controlled sex toys to your wardrobe.

Buy the right underwear for once

Just because you don’t walk around in your undergarments doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be sexy, comfortable, practical, and fun. You can find the perfect balance and still enjoy a fruitful love life as long as you choose the right fit and cut.

Besides, you have enough ugly panties in your dresser drawer as it is.

Love the Look of Your Lingerie

They say it’s what’s on the inside that matters, so what’s inside your underwear drawer? Do you love the look of your lingerie or could your wardrobe use some updating?

As our bodies, lifestyles, and relationships change, we begin to understand the importance of versatility.

So, become infatuated with your intimates all over again after reading this simple guide.

What is lingerie?

First, let’s talk about what lingerie is and isn’t. It’s not what your grandmother used to wear when she crawled into bed with your pappy.

Modern panties for women are extremely sexy, and they usually come with matching bras, garters, and hosiery too.

Lingerie is a type of undergarment that’s used primarily to inspire passion instead of practicality. The various colors, fabrics, details, and designs are mostly for novelty, although some brands make their intimates ideal for all day wear.

As such, it’s important to choose ladies underwear sets that are cute, comfortable, and inconspicuous under tight-fighting clothes.

Why wear fancy panties?

Women wear fancy panties, bras, garters, and hose for good reasons.

In fact, it’s not always about looking and feeling sexy before bed. Some sets are made for practical purposes and just so happen to make the wearer look good in the process.

Take garter belts and stirrups, for example. They’re designed to keep hosiery from slipping but they also accentuate the wearer’s belly, buttocks, and hips when they fit right.

Meanwhile, here are some other reasons why sexy women might want to slip into something more comfortable than supermarket undies:

  • Lingerie can add flair to an otherwise boring outfit.
  • The right panties can help accentuate your curvy body.
  • Fancy underwear can hide certain physical flaws.
  • Women’s panties help protect the vagina from friction.
  • Some intimate wear is designed to receive pleasure accessories.

That’s right. There are pieces of women’s lingerie with special snaps, buckles, and ties to incorporate your favorite sex toys without having to change your clothes. It’s essentially like having on a tool belt for the bedroom.

It’s creative, convenient, and one of the most attractive ways to signal sex to your partner.

5 ways to make your lingerie look sexier

The main idea is to improve your appearance and communicate your willingness to have sex with your partner. And as if skimpy panties weren’t hot enough, here are 5 ways to make them even sexier:

#1. Coordinate the colors and match your skin tone.

Make the most of your lingerie money. Try to find a few pieces that either match or coordinate with one another. Or choose two colors that look good together, and don’t forget about your skin tone.

Remember, some hues can bring out the wrong undertone in your complexion.

#2. Choose the softest fabrics for a delicate touch.

You may not wear your panties for very long but that doesn’t mean they should be uncomfortable. The better they feel on your body, the better they’ll feel next to your partner’s skin.

Plus, high-end materials help your delicate parts breathe as the temperature rises in your bedroom.

#3. Keep the busy patterns to a minimum.

Prints and patterns can be very adorable. They help express your personality and look great as sexy accessories, but too much of a good thing is usually bad.

So, limit the amount of florals, stripes, polka dots, and graphics to keep the attention where it needs to be.

#4. Add some sexy accessories to make it more interesting.

There’s something hot about wearing fancy jewelry, belts, shoes, and hosiery with your pretty panties. It communicates class and sophistication while also being flirty and playful.

Don’t be afraid to spice things up with a few frisky accessories, just make sure you can take them all off in a hurry.

#5. Integrate the pleasure features that you love most.

When it comes to the clothes you wear under your uniform, there are no rules. Since nobody will see your lingerie without permission, it’s sexy to add a little mystery to your ensemble.

Plus, this helps you get kinky quickly as using things like removeable vibrating bullets make public sex more discreet. The best vibrating panties are expensive, but believe me, they are worth it!

Sexy panties for women should be a staple in every closet. After all, there are several different types to choose from and each one has its own unique pros and cons.

For best results, pick a few different pairs to keep your options open, and don’t forget to update the style trends when you get the chance.

The 8 most popular styles of panties for women

Not sure which women’s panty styles to pick for the sexiest look? It all depends on several factors, including your body type, your personality, your intentions, your wardrobe, and your complexion.

Meanwhile, these are the 8 most popular cuts available today:

Crotchless – No protection for the vagina or anus, just straight sex appeal

G-strings – Minimal coverage to cover only the bare essentials

Thongs – Ideal for tight fitted clothing to reduce the appearance of panty lines

Boyshorts – Fun, flirty, and fabulous but not always ideal under clothes

Hipsters – Like boyshorts but more flattering to certain body types

Bikinis – Specially cut underwear to accentuate the feminine form

Classic briefs – Comfortable and practical, albeit not always pretty

Hi-cut briefs – Offering the most support and the least sex appeal

Gather your troops and create a few hot ensembles for special occasions. Take inventory of what you have and what you need, then start collecting the missing pieces to develop a capsule wardrobe of sexy intimates and accessories.

To get better insights about what looks good and what doesn’t, ask a trusted friend or talk about your favorite panties with a partner.

Fall in love with your look again

Loving the look of your lingerie isn’t as hard as some brands make it seem. There are a lot of options to consider, but the cards aren’t stacked against you and you’re always in control. Choosing the right women’s panties is like throwing the perfect anchor in a tumultuous sea. It helps stabilize your wardrobe and acts as a foundation for the rest of your look.

So, fall in love with your intimate wear again and try to have a little fun while you’re at it.

Women’s Panties Q&A

Q: How am I supposed to wash these things?

A: Washing your ladies intimates isn’t hard. Most come with care and maintenance tags attached to the back band. Check the label for more information and be careful not to clean your pieces incorrectly.

Usually, the proper procedure involves handwashing in cold water with a cleaning solution made exclusively for delicate fabrics, then allowing the piece to dry full before returning it to storage.

Q: Is there a specific way to store these when I’m not wearing them?

A: Store your naughty underoos the same way you store the rest of your panties unless otherwise stated by the manufacturer. Check the label for more detailed information.

Q: How do I know which size to wear?

A: Measure your hip and waist circumference before buying new panties, and don’t forget to accommodate for monthly weight fluctuations and style changes that might dictate the ideal cut.


How to Make Women’s Underwear Sexier

You’re about to strip off your cute outfit to show your lover how lucky they’re getting. You slowly remove your shirt and pants, hoping to impress them with your shapely form.

But much to their surprise, your panties look dingy AF and you’re no in any way prepared for a long lovemaking session. Something like that can be extremely embarrassing, albeit completely avoidable.

There’s no reason you can’t feel sexy all the time, even when you’re fully dressed. But just in case you plan to get lucky tonight, there are a few things you might want to consider about those panties you’re wearing.

Yes, the grand prize is hidden somewhere between your legs but it’s still nice to enjoy the ride along the way. So, give your lover something sexier tonight with hand-picked ladies lingerie.

Here’s what you need to know.

Why are women’s underwear so sexy already?

Women’s panties and lingerie are sexy because they’re designed to hug the curves of a woman’s body. Made from a wide variety of delicate and intricately detailed materials, these undergarments look and feel feminine while also providing adequate support for various body parts.

They can be coordinated, mixed and matched, or worn alone on a special occasion.

Best of all, ladies lingerie can also add a layer of sex appeal to any outfit. Like opening up a nice surprise on a holiday, the true beauty of your gift is revealed only after its completely unwrapped.

Meanwhile, many people say it’s sexier to see their lover in a pair of pretty panties than stark naked. So, draping a few body parts in silk, satin, and lace is a widely welcomed habit.

How to pick out the sexiest women’s underwear

One trip to the lingerie store and you’re bound to find a mountain of sexy panties for women. Hell, you can even find some pretty cute pieces at your local supermarket these days.

However, no two pairs are the same, so you’ll have to learn how to tell them all apart eventually.

More than that, you’ll need to pick out a pair of panties that actually make you look and feel sexy.

Combining those two wishes can be tough, though. Usually, the hot stuff is uncomfortable and the comfortable stuff isn’t hot. But you can find the happy middle if you follow these five simple rules:

#1. Know your body type and measurements.

Find out your ideal underwear size to determine your shopping parameters. Remember, we’re just now starting to offer sexy lingerie for plus size women, so it may be difficult to find something alluring if you require a larger size.

Extra small women may have some trouble too, so don’t be afraid to shop specialty stores if you can’t find what you need on the shelves.

Meanwhile, give yourself a few extra centimeters for monthly body weight fluctuations and laundry shrinkage.

#2. Consider the style you prefer.

There are numerous types of underwear for women these days, from G-string thongs and boyfriend shorts to full-back pieces and crotchless panties. It’s all about what makes you feel the most confident in front of your partner.

Plus, it’s probably also a good idea to think about the style of clothes you like to wear. That’s because boyfriend shorts and full-back pieces are noticeable through your pants and that doesn’t always look the most appealing.

So, try thongs and seamless options instead.

#3. Coordinate with your favorite pieces.

Color coordination is more important than you think. And while many lovers don’t consciously care about the hues of your underoos, they subconsciously react to them whether they realize it or not.

For example, strong and vibrant colors like red, purple, and black generally inspire intense lust. However, the lighter and softer colors like white, beige, and grey create a more relaxed mood.

So, think about the kind of night you’re trying to have and then buy panties to help make that happen.

#4. Leave something to the imagination.

Pick out your panties based on the way they look and feel, but don’t forget to consider your partner’s reaction. Underwear that’s too revealing can feel pointless, especially if you’re trying to flirt, entice a specific mood, or prolong foreplay. Leaving something to the imagination helps with all three of those things, plus it makes the evening more fun for everyone involved.

In fact, complex lingerie may seem like a headache but it’s certainly useful during an unplanned strip tease.

#5. Spice it up with some pleasure accessories.

Did you know that you can wear more than just a sliver of silk between your thighs? These days, there are vibrating panties that offer discreet pleasure even when you’re out in public.

Sometimes, those contraptions even come with wireless remote controls for long-distance play and/or app-compatible interfaces for customizable fun.

So, when you’re done exploring the utilitarian value of fancy underpants, step up your game with something technologically advanced.

TIP: When wearing vibrating panties and specialty lingerie, be sure to use the right type of lube or else suffer the potential consequences of mixing incompatible materials.

It’s what’s underneath that counts

Your body may not be perfect but at least you’re comfortable in your own skin. And even if you’re not, the right pair of sexy women’s panties can make it all better.

With the right combination of colors, materials, and cuts, you can look and feel more confident underneath your clothes. Then, when the time is right, you can reveal your goods to you lover without worrying about being embarrassed because your undergarments are plain, dingy, or out of style.


Everything You Need to Know about Women’s Panties

In Japan, you can buy used women’s panties from a vending machine called a Burusera. The prices vary and so does the quality, but the point remains the same. Everybody loves a good pair of underwear for women and that will probably never change.

So, here’s what you need to know to keep up with the times.

What are women’s panties?

Most people know what these things are, and if they don’t, they’re about to find out. Found in many department stores and even online nowadays, these undergarments used to be thought of as taboo.

Our poor grandfathers would jerk off to the mere mention of them, so everyone understands their power.

Women’s underwear come in all shapes, colors, and sizes, with numerous styles to match. They’re made for a wide variety of purposes, from practical and purposeful to flirty and fun. Back in the day, ladies could only own a few different pair without being seen as vulgar or loose.

Today, the average female has more than a dozen unique pieces in her everyday intimates wardrobe.

The main features

No two pairs of panties for women are made the same, but most of them have similar features because of who they’re designed to fit. Shaped and sized to suit the average female’s form, these garments usually have durable stitching to provide support, soft materials for long-term wear, and delicate details for enhanced appeal.

Meanwhile, the most important parts are in the waist band and crotch area. The waist band circumference is what determines the fit, while the crotch area helps protect sensitive skin and shield the vagina/anus from unwanted entry and excessive moisture. Thus, most women’s panties feature a tiny pocket or pouch right where you sit.

Why do panties for women have a pouch in the crotch?

If you look closely at a pair of undergarments for ladies, you’ll most likely spot a little pouch or pocket in the crotch. That thing is called a “gusset,” and it has a pretty important job.

As a tiny piece of fabric you wouldn’t think it did much, but without it, your panties would probably get soaked in sweat. That’s because the gusset provides breathability to the fabric and helps wick moisture away from your crotch.

Not all styles have a gusset though, so be ready to wick your own moisture if not. In fact, all panty styles are different so they each offer different features. Contrary to popular (albeit misleading) beliefs, women don’t own several pairs of underwear because they can’t decide which ones to put on.

Truth be told, it’s because most ladies need variety of styles for their versatile vaginas.

What are the top 5 styles of women’s underwear?

Pussy power comes with a price, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune trying to spice up your underwear drawer. Right now, there are at least 10 different styles to choose from. But buying something from every category can get expensive.

So, check out these top 5 tyles instead:

Thongs – This type offers the least amount of support and coverage but is considered the sexiest option.

Thongs and G-strings are also great for under tight fitting clothes because they usually don’t show beneath the fabric unless they’re a vivid, contrasting color.

Hipsters – With a style like this, you can get a cute or cozy as you want to. The cut is flattering to most body types and looks decent under loose fitting clothes.

There is a slight risk of panty lines showing, though, so be careful.

Bikinis – Bikini panties are simple, sophisticated, and sexy classics that never seem to age. They’re practical yet whimsical and shaped to accentuate the female form.

Plus, they offer a little support to the tush and hips to further streamline her figure.

Briefs – This style is one of the most popular options but not because it’s uniquely attractive.

Praised for practicality and comfort, briefs give women adequate support, superior coverage, and the least amount of sex appeal on this list.

Hi-Cuts – You’d think hi-cut panties would be the ugliest, yet some of them offer an adorable vintage feel that makes them ideal for certain outfits.

With a typical control top and rigid stitching for superior support, these underwear are clean and keen.

To choose the best panty cut for your body and still get the most bang for your buck, choose one or two pairs from each category and buy at least two different sizes to accommodate for minor body weight fluctuations and style changes.

Look for good deals and discounts but never settle for low-quality pieces just to save a few dollars.

The most popular panty materials

Modern underwear for women is far more colorful and creative than anything ladies wore a few decades ago. Back in the day, gals had few material choices and had to take whatever they could get.

Now, they can choose between silk, satin, lace, Lycra, cotton, polyester, or even a handful of patented blends. And if you look in the right places, you might even find some that are made from novelty materials you’ve never heard of.

TIP: Make sure the panties you choose are made from materials that are compatible with your skin type.

Women’s novelty panties

Did you know that you don’t have to stick with the basics anymore? The world is becoming an interesting place, with novelty panties for women on shelves all over the globe.

Here are three examples:

Vibrating Panties – With integrated vibrating motors or removeable bullets, wearers can experience direct sexual stimulation to their vulva and/or clitoris with the touch of a button.

Crotchless Panties – These provide instant access to the most delicate areas, with no crotch at all to catch “clitty” litter, wick away moisture, or hide the secret treasure.

Edible Underwear – Offering a taste of something even better than pussy, edible panties for women can be eaten right off the wearer’s body for more delicious foreplay.

Keep in mind that women’s novelty panties aren’t designed for everyday use. So, if you’re going to wear them, do so sparingly or save the good stuff for a special occasion.

Specialty underwear will never suffice as your perfect pair, but at least you’ll have some fun when you put them on.

3 tips for picking the perfect pair

Slip into something more comfortable or make a major impression on your partner with these three simple tips for picking the perfect panties:

#1. Know your size.

Measure your waist, thigh circumference, and weight to determine the ideal fit.

#2. Respect your swag.

Try not to become a slave to trend, but instead, choose panties that suit your unique style.

#3. Coordinate with your wardrobe.

Don’t wear panties that can be seen under your outfit. Pick a pair that’s cut for your clothes.

Get your butt in the right stuff

Who would have thought that women’s panties were so interesting and varied? Answer: the people who stock Japan’s famous vending machines and ladies who appreciate sexy sophistication.

So, plant your bottom in a pair of perfect underwear or pick more than wedgies for the rest of your life.