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A Buyer’s Guide for Women’s Panties

Have you ever seen medieval underwear? Some of the stuff women put on their bodies was beyond questionable, if not downright dangerous.

With little to no knowledge about safety, reproduction, or sexual satisfaction, our female ancestors struggled to find flattering panties because they didn’t even exist yet.

Today, ladies have far more options, fewer risks, and a lot more fun. So, how do you join the party?

First, you have must appreciate how amazing it is that we’ve gone from metal chastity belts and rolled-up burlap sacks to delicate silk thongs and fine satin briefs – each with the most intricate detailing imaginable and cut to flatter the female form.

It’s like the old days never even happened, and most women probably rejoice just thinking about that.

Women’s panties: what are they and why are they fabulous?

Women’s panties are so sensational these days that ladies are no longer the only ones who wear them. Ideal for more than just protecting the vagina or holding up a menstrual pad, pretty underwear can also increase the wearer’s confidence by adding a little sex appeal to her outfit.

Plus, they’re great for costumes and special occasions too.

Meanwhile, your love life will naturally reflect the types of underwear you choose.

For example, if you frequently select pieces built for practicality alone, you probably won’t experience anything kinky in the bedroom without extra effort. But if you wear lingerie all the time, you’ll likely be too uncomfortable to perform feats of friskiness when the time comes.

Thus, it’s all about balance when it comes to what’s underneath your clothes.

The main features

Since no two pairs of panties for women are made the same, it can be tough to pick out the perfect pieces.

On one hand, you want to look and feel great when you slip them on.

On the other hand, you prefer comfort and practicality over sexiness and intrigue. And if you’re looking for the perfect balance, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and/or mislead by unscrupulous marketing.

But regardless of the many differences, these are the top three most common features on them all:

  • Durable stitching – This helps keep all components of the underwear intact even when they’re worn for long periods.
  • Feminine forms – To help accentuate a woman’s curves, panties are usually shaped around various body parts.
  • Skin-safe materials – This prevents chaffing, allergic reactions, and irritation from low-quality fabrics and friction.

By the way, there are specialty or novelty panties for women too. Those are designed for whimsical purposes only, and many of them have enhanced features for sexual pleasure.

In fact, it’s no longer uncommon to find vibrating panties and edible underwear at your local adult entertainment shop. So, add some flair down there if things get too boring in the bedroom.

5 popular styles of panties for women

Before you go shopping, consider this: There are at least 10 different styles of panties for women and each one of them has its own purpose. That means it’s not wise to own just one single type because nobody’s life should be that uneventful.

If yours is, then you need more help than any pair of panties can offer.

In the meantime, mull over the five most popular options to find one that suits your body type and lifestyle the best:

#1. G-Strings and Thongs

Women like to wear these because they’re not only comfortable but they’re also cute. When worn in the correct size, they help hide panty lines for tight fitting outfits.

Plus, the right thong or G-string is great for costumes, special occasions, performances, and as part of a coordinated lingerie set. Often considered the sexiest of the bunch, these styles provide the least amount of coverage and thus not a lot of support.

#2. Boyshorts and Hipsters

Boyshorts are like miniature boxers for women. They cut at the middle of the wearer’s butt cheeks to reveal just the bottom chunk, and many of them are low-cut on the top band.

Hipsters are a lot like that, only they’re always cut low on the waist and may reveal much more of the butt meat. Both can be adorable with the right ensemble and each offers decent support, but they’re not ideal for tight fitted clothes and they don’t always look good with lingerie.

#3. Bikinis

Bikini-cut panties are by far the most popular and practical of them all. Offering comfortable protection and support while also flattering the female form, these underwear look great under most clothes and help accentuate your curves when you get undressed.

They provide the perfect balance and an ideal shape, making them a sexy staple in any woman’s intimates wardrobe.

#4. Classic Briefs

These aren’t usually worn for sex appeal, but they can be attractive if you pair them with the right accessories.

Either way, classic briefs for women provide excellent support for certain body parts while also offering great coverage and countless coordination options. Despite being less than flattering to the average woman’s form, these panties are still a cozy alternative to bikinis, thongs, and/or high-waisted underwear.

#5. Control Tops

Women’s control top panties aren’t anything special unless you count the fact that they offer superior support for belly fat. But unless you get a pair that’s tailored to your body, you run the risk of creating chunks in your silhouette.

They’re not always the cutest option either, although they’ll help hide a few of your flaws. However, some modern underwear designers are starting to make hi-cut panties with a little more flair so try to be patient.

How to find the perfect pair of panties

It’s much easier to select the best pair of women’s underwear when you know what you’re up against and can differentiate between the types.

Still, you may need a few tips to avoid straying from the pack. And since it seems like panties are a dime a dozen these days, choosing the perfect piece can be overwhelming.

So, follow these three steps to stay in line:

Step 1 – Know your measurements.

Find out your thigh, hip, and waist circumference to determine which sizes to buy. Remember, your measurements can change slightly throughout the month. So, try to build an underwear collection that can accommodate those fluctuations.

Step 2 – Choose the right materials.

Pay close attention to the stuff your muff comes in contact with. Poor quality panty materials can cause major issues downstairs, including unsightly rashes, uncomfortable irritation, and unpleasant odors if your skin can’t breathe properly.

Step 3 – Consider the occasion.

Think about when, how, and why you’re going to wear the panties in your shopping cart. Consider how long you’ll have them on, all the ways you can take them off, and where you can reveal the sexiness to your partner.

NOTE: Don’t forget about the thrill of adding removeable vibrating bullets and remote-controlled sex toys to your wardrobe.

Buy the right underwear for once

Just because you don’t walk around in your undergarments doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be sexy, comfortable, practical, and fun. You can find the perfect balance and still enjoy a fruitful love life as long as you choose the right fit and cut.

Besides, you have enough ugly panties in your dresser drawer as it is.

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