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An Interview With Kim Woodburn

We LOVE Kim Woodburn at Surge. She is feisty, says it like it is and is a nation treasure. Plus she is an ally for the gay community and for that we salute her. We had the pleasure of having a little catch up with the original queen of clean and here is how it went!

How do you feel about men having insecurities about the bodies? You must understand this that most people have insecurities. I always have and it’s human nature. You don’t see yourself as other’s do.

You have starred in may TV shows what has been your favourite to film? I always have a good time when I film. I love the crew and we have a good giggle. The thing I will be remembered for is how clean is your house. I was a cleaner in a house out earning a pittance then I got fame and money how clean is your house was my finest hour.

You are a gay icon. How does this make you feel? I am utterly delighted I have many gay friends. They are warm and lovely. If I am considered a gay icon I am privileged.

How do you feel about how LGBTQ+ rights having moved forward? I feel it needed to be done. You are coming out as an honest person and I feel it’s a step forward in a very right direction. Live the truth don’t live a lie.

Have you been to a gay wedding yet? I have never been to a gay wedding. I would love to. I would love it.