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LGBTQ history to be taught in U.S schools

A bill has just been signed in the U.S state of Illinois requiring all public schools in the state to teach history that includes the contributions of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people. This will make Illinois the fifth state in the U.S to pass this law, and we welcome it with open arms.

School textbooks will now have to be non-discriminatory and include roles of LGBTQ people in national and state history. This comes in the same year that marks the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall movement which was a huge turning point in the gay rights movement. Now, following the passing of this bill, history will be more accurate and will benefit everyone, whether you are LGBTQ or not, in the knowledge that you are now getting the full picture of historical events.

A lot has changed in 50 years and change is still coming. In fact 84% of Americans believe there has been a significant amount of progress in getting rid of LGBTQ discrimination, and whilst some does still exist every time we get a bill like this passed, discrimination lessens and future generations will benefit.