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Everything You Need to Know about Women’s Panties

In Japan, you can buy used women’s panties from a vending machine called a Burusera. The prices vary and so does the quality, but the point remains the same. Everybody loves a good pair of underwear for women and that will probably never change.

So, here’s what you need to know to keep up with the times.

What are women’s panties?

Most people know what these things are, and if they don’t, they’re about to find out. Found in many department stores and even online nowadays, these undergarments used to be thought of as taboo.

Our poor grandfathers would jerk off to the mere mention of them, so everyone understands their power.

Women’s underwear come in all shapes, colors, and sizes, with numerous styles to match. They’re made for a wide variety of purposes, from practical and purposeful to flirty and fun. Back in the day, ladies could only own a few different pair without being seen as vulgar or loose.

Today, the average female has more than a dozen unique pieces in her everyday intimates wardrobe.

The main features

No two pairs of panties for women are made the same, but most of them have similar features because of who they’re designed to fit. Shaped and sized to suit the average female’s form, these garments usually have durable stitching to provide support, soft materials for long-term wear, and delicate details for enhanced appeal.

Meanwhile, the most important parts are in the waist band and crotch area. The waist band circumference is what determines the fit, while the crotch area helps protect sensitive skin and shield the vagina/anus from unwanted entry and excessive moisture. Thus, most women’s panties feature a tiny pocket or pouch right where you sit.

Why do panties for women have a pouch in the crotch?

If you look closely at a pair of undergarments for ladies, you’ll most likely spot a little pouch or pocket in the crotch. That thing is called a “gusset,” and it has a pretty important job.

As a tiny piece of fabric you wouldn’t think it did much, but without it, your panties would probably get soaked in sweat. That’s because the gusset provides breathability to the fabric and helps wick moisture away from your crotch.

Not all styles have a gusset though, so be ready to wick your own moisture if not. In fact, all panty styles are different so they each offer different features. Contrary to popular (albeit misleading) beliefs, women don’t own several pairs of underwear because they can’t decide which ones to put on.

Truth be told, it’s because most ladies need variety of styles for their versatile vaginas.

What are the top 5 styles of women’s underwear?

Pussy power comes with a price, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend a fortune trying to spice up your underwear drawer. Right now, there are at least 10 different styles to choose from. But buying something from every category can get expensive.

So, check out these top 5 tyles instead:

Thongs – This type offers the least amount of support and coverage but is considered the sexiest option.

Thongs and G-strings are also great for under tight fitting clothes because they usually don’t show beneath the fabric unless they’re a vivid, contrasting color.

Hipsters – With a style like this, you can get a cute or cozy as you want to. The cut is flattering to most body types and looks decent under loose fitting clothes.

There is a slight risk of panty lines showing, though, so be careful.

Bikinis – Bikini panties are simple, sophisticated, and sexy classics that never seem to age. They’re practical yet whimsical and shaped to accentuate the female form.

Plus, they offer a little support to the tush and hips to further streamline her figure.

Briefs – This style is one of the most popular options but not because it’s uniquely attractive.

Praised for practicality and comfort, briefs give women adequate support, superior coverage, and the least amount of sex appeal on this list.

Hi-Cuts – You’d think hi-cut panties would be the ugliest, yet some of them offer an adorable vintage feel that makes them ideal for certain outfits.

With a typical control top and rigid stitching for superior support, these underwear are clean and keen.

To choose the best panty cut for your body and still get the most bang for your buck, choose one or two pairs from each category and buy at least two different sizes to accommodate for minor body weight fluctuations and style changes.

Look for good deals and discounts but never settle for low-quality pieces just to save a few dollars.

The most popular panty materials

Modern underwear for women is far more colorful and creative than anything ladies wore a few decades ago. Back in the day, gals had few material choices and had to take whatever they could get.

Now, they can choose between silk, satin, lace, Lycra, cotton, polyester, or even a handful of patented blends. And if you look in the right places, you might even find some that are made from novelty materials you’ve never heard of.

TIP: Make sure the panties you choose are made from materials that are compatible with your skin type.

Women’s novelty panties

Did you know that you don’t have to stick with the basics anymore? The world is becoming an interesting place, with novelty panties for women on shelves all over the globe.

Here are three examples:

Vibrating Panties – With integrated vibrating motors or removeable bullets, wearers can experience direct sexual stimulation to their vulva and/or clitoris with the touch of a button.

Crotchless Panties – These provide instant access to the most delicate areas, with no crotch at all to catch “clitty” litter, wick away moisture, or hide the secret treasure.

Edible Underwear – Offering a taste of something even better than pussy, edible panties for women can be eaten right off the wearer’s body for more delicious foreplay.

Keep in mind that women’s novelty panties aren’t designed for everyday use. So, if you’re going to wear them, do so sparingly or save the good stuff for a special occasion.

Specialty underwear will never suffice as your perfect pair, but at least you’ll have some fun when you put them on.

3 tips for picking the perfect pair

Slip into something more comfortable or make a major impression on your partner with these three simple tips for picking the perfect panties:

#1. Know your size.

Measure your waist, thigh circumference, and weight to determine the ideal fit.

#2. Respect your swag.

Try not to become a slave to trend, but instead, choose panties that suit your unique style.

#3. Coordinate with your wardrobe.

Don’t wear panties that can be seen under your outfit. Pick a pair that’s cut for your clothes.

Get your butt in the right stuff

Who would have thought that women’s panties were so interesting and varied? Answer: the people who stock Japan’s famous vending machines and ladies who appreciate sexy sophistication.

So, plant your bottom in a pair of perfect underwear or pick more than wedgies for the rest of your life.

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