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How to Make Women’s Underwear Sexier

You’re about to strip off your cute outfit to show your lover how lucky they’re getting. You slowly remove your shirt and pants, hoping to impress them with your shapely form.

But much to their surprise, your panties look dingy AF and you’re no in any way prepared for a long lovemaking session. Something like that can be extremely embarrassing, albeit completely avoidable.

There’s no reason you can’t feel sexy all the time, even when you’re fully dressed. But just in case you plan to get lucky tonight, there are a few things you might want to consider about those panties you’re wearing.

Yes, the grand prize is hidden somewhere between your legs but it’s still nice to enjoy the ride along the way. So, give your lover something sexier tonight with hand-picked ladies lingerie.

Here’s what you need to know.

Why are women’s underwear so sexy already?

Women’s panties and lingerie are sexy because they’re designed to hug the curves of a woman’s body. Made from a wide variety of delicate and intricately detailed materials, these undergarments look and feel feminine while also providing adequate support for various body parts.

They can be coordinated, mixed and matched, or worn alone on a special occasion.

Best of all, ladies lingerie can also add a layer of sex appeal to any outfit. Like opening up a nice surprise on a holiday, the true beauty of your gift is revealed only after its completely unwrapped.

Meanwhile, many people say it’s sexier to see their lover in a pair of pretty panties than stark naked. So, draping a few body parts in silk, satin, and lace is a widely welcomed habit.

How to pick out the sexiest women’s underwear

One trip to the lingerie store and you’re bound to find a mountain of sexy panties for women. Hell, you can even find some pretty cute pieces at your local supermarket these days.

However, no two pairs are the same, so you’ll have to learn how to tell them all apart eventually.

More than that, you’ll need to pick out a pair of panties that actually make you look and feel sexy.

Combining those two wishes can be tough, though. Usually, the hot stuff is uncomfortable and the comfortable stuff isn’t hot. But you can find the happy middle if you follow these five simple rules:

#1. Know your body type and measurements.

Find out your ideal underwear size to determine your shopping parameters. Remember, we’re just now starting to offer sexy lingerie for plus size women, so it may be difficult to find something alluring if you require a larger size.

Extra small women may have some trouble too, so don’t be afraid to shop specialty stores if you can’t find what you need on the shelves.

Meanwhile, give yourself a few extra centimeters for monthly body weight fluctuations and laundry shrinkage.

#2. Consider the style you prefer.

There are numerous types of underwear for women these days, from G-string thongs and boyfriend shorts to full-back pieces and crotchless panties. It’s all about what makes you feel the most confident in front of your partner.

Plus, it’s probably also a good idea to think about the style of clothes you like to wear. That’s because boyfriend shorts and full-back pieces are noticeable through your pants and that doesn’t always look the most appealing.

So, try thongs and seamless options instead.

#3. Coordinate with your favorite pieces.

Color coordination is more important than you think. And while many lovers don’t consciously care about the hues of your underoos, they subconsciously react to them whether they realize it or not.

For example, strong and vibrant colors like red, purple, and black generally inspire intense lust. However, the lighter and softer colors like white, beige, and grey create a more relaxed mood.

So, think about the kind of night you’re trying to have and then buy panties to help make that happen.

#4. Leave something to the imagination.

Pick out your panties based on the way they look and feel, but don’t forget to consider your partner’s reaction. Underwear that’s too revealing can feel pointless, especially if you’re trying to flirt, entice a specific mood, or prolong foreplay. Leaving something to the imagination helps with all three of those things, plus it makes the evening more fun for everyone involved.

In fact, complex lingerie may seem like a headache but it’s certainly useful during an unplanned strip tease.

#5. Spice it up with some pleasure accessories.

Did you know that you can wear more than just a sliver of silk between your thighs? These days, there are vibrating panties that offer discreet pleasure even when you’re out in public.

Sometimes, those contraptions even come with wireless remote controls for long-distance play and/or app-compatible interfaces for customizable fun.

So, when you’re done exploring the utilitarian value of fancy underpants, step up your game with something technologically advanced.

TIP: When wearing vibrating panties and specialty lingerie, be sure to use the right type of lube or else suffer the potential consequences of mixing incompatible materials.

It’s what’s underneath that counts

Your body may not be perfect but at least you’re comfortable in your own skin. And even if you’re not, the right pair of sexy women’s panties can make it all better.

With the right combination of colors, materials, and cuts, you can look and feel more confident underneath your clothes. Then, when the time is right, you can reveal your goods to you lover without worrying about being embarrassed because your undergarments are plain, dingy, or out of style.


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