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The 10 Different Styles of Women’s Panties

The modern lady has many options when it comes to what she wears under her clothes. She puts a lot of effort into look good fully dressed, but what lies underneath often remains a mystery until you convince her to strip.

Meanwhile, some ladies want their lovers to buy them pretty panties and lingerie sets, but that’s more difficult than it seems. After all, how are you supposed to know what’s sexy when you don’t even know what’s available?

Contemporary fashion designers have worked tirelessly over the last few decades to give stylish women more attractive pieces for beneath their outfits.

The old classics haven’t gone anywhere, though. Instead of swapping out old styles for new ones, the intimates industry simple expanded their inventory.

Now, there are at least 10 different styles of women’s panties to choose from. The list begins with what most people call “granny panties,” but don’t worry. It gets sexier as we go.

Different types of panties for women

Don’t head to the lingerie store until you’ve studied these 10 different styles of women’s underwear. Otherwise, you could come home with the wrong piece (and in some cases, even hurt your partner’s feelings). So, here’s what you need to know to avoid disaster:

#1. Control Briefs

These panties are designed specifically to hold in belly fat and lift the butt cheeks. They’re great for outfits that have several layers but these pieces can become uncomfortable after a while. If ill-fitted or made from unbreathable materials, they can also cause chaffing, pinching, bunching, and pulling.

#2. High-Cut Briefs

Hi-cut panties can be cute when they’re worn with the right bottoms, plus they’re slightly less restrictive than control-top briefs so they’re a little more comfortable for longer periods of time. High-top underwear help hold in belly fat and lift the buttocks but can also restrict movement if they’re the wrong size.

#3. Classic Briefs

These are your run-of-the-mill everyday underwear for women, usually favored during “that time of the month” when extra coverage is required. Classic briefs offer the least amount of support and restriction but cover the entire buttocks and end right below the bellybutton if they fit correctly.

#4. Boyshorts

Like tiny little daisy dukes, women’s boyshorts are a flirty option that’s ideal for under pajamas or as part of your favorite lingerie set. They’re extremely comfortable to wear and can even accentuate your backside curves if they hit your cheeks at the right spot. Meanwhile, they can also cause a major wedgie.

#5. Bikini

This option is by far the most popular in modern history. Bikini panties are cut to flatter the wearer’s body shape while also providing the ideal level of coverage and just the tiniest bit of support. In some cases, they can even be worn underneath tight clothes and form-fitting dresses.

#6. Hipster

Hipster panties are a sort of mix between bikinis and boyshorts, with a slightly feminine cut that highlights the wearer’s shape. They don’t fit betwixt the butt cheeks like thongs, but they don’t cover them either. It’s a cute combination that’s quickly gaining popularity among the stylish crowd.

#7. Tanga

This is a relatively new type of women’s panty, so you won’t see it all the time and it’s not the most practical option. Either way, the lines are adorable and the cut is extremely playful. The bad part is that they can cut your butt cheek in half at the worst possible spot, so always get the right size.

#8. Thong

Thongs are great for when you’re wearing tight pants or a form-fitting skirt because they arc over the hips to accentuate the buttocks. As long as they’re not too tight and are made from skin-safe materials, thong panties are perfectly safe and one of the sexiest options for stylish women.

#9. G-String

This option gives you the least amount of coverage, which can be pretty hot if you wear it right. G-string panties also help you look and feel sexy without annoying panty lines under your clothes. So, they’re most ideal for form-fitting outfits and/or as stand-alone pieces in a revealing lingerie ensemble.

#10. Crotchless

Crotchless panties are for novelty only and do not provide any type of support or coverage. They’re merely wearable sex toys, especially when they’re equipped with integrated vibrating bullets or made from edible ingredients. These are by far the kinkiest option on this list, so buyer beware.

How to pick out the perfect panties

With so many different panty styles to choose from, it can be hard to determine which one is right for you. That means there’s some homework involved here, so use these three simple tips to find what you need:

Step 1 – Know your measurements.

Understand that your body changes throughout the month, meaning you could be two or three different sizes within a few weeks. So, check your measurements to be sure about your range. Buy panties in a variety of cuts as well, and experiment with various looks, feels, and fabrics until you find the right one.

Step 2 – Pick the right fabrics.

Did you know that certain fabrics may not be healthy for your delicate genital area? If you have sensitive skin or allergies to certain materials, you won’t be able to branch out as much as other women. So, stick to cotton and cotton-blend fabrics and avoid irritation.

Step 3 – Choose creative accessories.

Whether you’re choosing panties with lace detailing or integrated vibrating motors, pick a pair that’s fun, flirty, and fabulous. You should know how to use them and wash them as well, so check the tag for more details. Never get anything that doesn’t allow you to clean it after each session.

Slip into something more comfortable

Choose panties that either make you feel sexy and supported or that communicate your compassion to a lover. You don’t have to take whatever is on the shelves anymore either.

Today, there are plenty of options and several ways to enjoy your undergarments. So, pick a pair that says “come and get it” when you want to make love and “go away” when you don’t.

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